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Building and Facilities Management

When it comes to building and facilities management, in order to successfully meet customer’s expectations, our company employs some of the most experienced professionals. They have a proven track record working as maintenance managers for some of the most emblematic buildings:

Сред тях са:

  • Soravia Center – Sofia
  • Soravia Europark – Sofia
  • Soravia International Business Center – Sofia
  • Porsche Center – Sofia (Winner of the Office Building of the Year award in 2006)
  • Orchid Hills – Sofia

We also recruit the services of other partners with extensive experience in the area of building and facilities management. Building maintenance includes servicing of all systems and installations, including: main electrical power supply, emergency power supply by diesel generator or UPS, fire alarm system, CCTV, security, access control, parking system, building management system (BMS), HVAC (chillers, furnaces, cooling towers, ACs, split systems and radiators) , water and sewer, fire sprinkler systems, all kinds of outdoor systems – sprinkler system, floodlights, etc.
We also consult companies in the area of public and office building maintenance.