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Investor’s control

We offer our customers investor’s control services, which ensure control and monitoring of construction sites.

Our qualified and experienced team successfully performs all of the following tasks:

  • Researching existing projects and technical specifications of the construction sites being monitored;
  • Prompt identification of imperfections and discrepancies in projects and technical specifications, correction of said inadequacies and ensuring their timely address;
  • Control of project decisions and technical specifications in order to estimate quantities and cost;
  • Control of technology and documentation of execution of project decisions by task type (5th category construction sites);
  • Signing of findings on finished construction volumes, prices and engineering contracts and unforeseen circumstances;
  • Mediation between site management, architectural design team, municipal and state control institutions;
  • -Development and control of execution timetables and intermediate payments;
  • -Control of the implementation of various agreements with builders, subcontractors; vendors, designers and independent supervisors;
  • Participation in committees on behalf of customers, within an a priori set scope.