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Legal aid

The company employs several specialists who offer professional help in assisting investors in the construction industry, as well as legal aid in areas other than construction.

Changing the statute of agricultural land:

  • changing the statute of agricultural land, including changing the statute in connection with building wind and solar power plants.
  • – changing the statute of agricultural land, situated within the so called “restricted zone” – a zone where construction is prohibited. In such cases it is necessary to start a procedure to lift the construction ban. Often the statute of such properties becomes a problem for the new owner after they are purchased. Such problems can be avoided by running a detailed check prior to purchasing the property. The check includes: communications in and around the property, both under and on the ground, restrictions on the property and hidden drawbacks. We offer such detailed check in order to ensure your piece of mind before such a purchase.

Representation before the Bulgarian Construction Chamber

  • Preparation and filing of all necessary documents in order to apply for inception in the Bulgarian Construction Chamber’s central professional registry of developers.
  • Representation and filing of documents before the Tax, Social Security and other State authorities in order to obtain inquiries and certificates.
  • Preparation and filing of documents connected with change of identification, circumstances, change of range of the developer’s inception and end-of-the-year procedures.

Representation of local and international entities:

  • negotiations and representation in signing business contracts;
  • representation before state and municipal institutions;
  • legal consulting in company management;
  • establishment of all types of companies – tailored to the customer’s area of operation and investment goals;
  • establishment of branches of local and international companies;
  • preparation of commercial, banking, labor and other types of contracts and documents;
  • consulting on obtaining all licenses and permits connected with the company’s line of business.
  • preparation of documents connected with holding shareholder or partner meetings, minutes and resolutions, decisions by the company’s governing bodies.
  • capital restructuring by altering the capital and/or partner’s share distribution.

Contract Law

  • preparation of preliminary and final sale or purchase contracts, vendor contracts – exclusive or non-exclusive, consulting, leasing, advertising, banking, professional development, credit, rental, commission, shipping, ordering and manufacturing, recycling and other types of contracts; as well as memorandums and other documents;
  • real estate sale or purchase contracts, including a full legal check of real estate properties, legal history, notary deeds and statute.

Commercial Law

  • Registration, restructuring and winding-up of companies;
  • Company trading, share and equity swaps;
  • Preparation and inception of securities and guarantees, inception of special pledges;

Specialized Services:

  • representation before the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the State Fund Agriculture’s Paying Agency, the Ministry of Finance, the National Veterinary Service, the Regional Inspectorate of Ecology and Water (RIEW), the Watering Systems, the River Basin Inspectorate;
  • conduction of research and analysis, business plans, consulting in obtaining aid from the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013;
  • methodical help for customers who want to prepare their project on their own;
  • consulting and preparation of documents for realization of private projects.